Beverage Trolley

The QHS beverage trolley delivers hot beverages and cold snacks to patients and their families when a decent cup of tea or coffee can provide comfort during difficult times.  Designed by the NHS for the NHS and associated environments, the award-winning beverage trolley is a lightweight solution, created with care and built to last.  With attractive features and an even better price, the beverage trolley meets all infection control requirements and is appreciated by patients and staff!

Available with bespoke printed panels and in a choice of colours, it’s easy to see why the QHS beverage trolley is the smart choice for NHS Trusts, who want a safe and practical solution at a price way below the market average.

The QHS beverage trolleys have been used in hospital environments since 2012.  If you want to come and see the trolleys in their working environment and talk to the staff who use them every day, please get in touch.


We’ve listened carefully to patients and catering staff to ensure that our beverage trolley meets their needs.  We started from scratch and built a product that is fit for purpose and meets all infection control requirements – it can even go through an autoclave!  We are not reliant on external market research to shape our products – our colleagues within the hospital environment used, tested and refined the prototype to ensure that the QHS beverage trolley is the best solution it can be.  As part of the NHS we have worked hard to bring you the beverage trolley at the lowest possible price.

So reduced risk of backache for staff from trying to steer cumbersome trolleys around the wards, and all patients can enjoy a fresh hot beverage, rather than the lottery of being later in the trolley round and getting a lukewarm or over-stewed cuppa!

The QHS beverage trolley glides smoothly into patient bays and when fully loaded with ingredients, snacks and cups, weighs less than a supermarket trolley containing an average week’s shopping.

1. Integral Boiler

10 litre boiler. Serves over 55 cups.  Removes easily for cleaning.  Five-setting temperature display.

2. Stainless-steel Frame

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, caster wheels with safety brake wheel locks.  Push handle to steer trolley.

3. Purpose Made Counter / Tray

Black pin seal effect counter – easy to clean down.  Lipped edges so any splashes or spills stay on the trolley.

4. Efficient Storage

Separated compartments for un-used and used crockery, with slim line trays and a cutlery tray. All easily removed for cleaning.

5. Ingredient Dispensers

(Optional) Dispensers for individual ingredients or use the trays for beverage sachets and snacks.

6. Waste Disposal

A neat aperture sits in the counter so that waste can be efficiently disposed of into the waste container below. Any drips can be easily wiped into the waste at this access point.

7. Branded Panels

Panels are printed to the design of your choice.  Choose vibrant graphics for children’s wards, health promotion messages or generate revenue through sponsorship opportunities.  Panels can be changed in seconds, allowing you flexibility around messages.

8. Design Your Own

A choice of frames to match your colour scheme. Available in silver, black or white.  Special orders available to match corporate colours.

9. Hygienic Materials & Parts

Meets NHS infection control standards and can go through autoclave.

Design Your Own

If you want to create your own design ahead of ordering your trolleys – you can upload your image here to see what your trolley might look like!  The stainless steel trolley frames come in a range of four standard colours.  You can also order special colours to support your brand at an extra cost if required.

Once you order your trolley you will be given access to our customer portal where you can upload your finished artwork design and get to see what your panels will look like.

But this area is just for practice, so go ahead be as creative as you like!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill the boiler?

Simply fill the boiler with water to the mark on the inside of the boiler.

How long does the water take to boil?

A full boiler will take approximately 25 minutes to reach the required temperature

Is the trolley heavy once fully loaded?

The trolley is extremely light weight and much easier to push than a supermarket trolley full of average week’s shopping!

I don’t want to put logos on the panels – are there any other backgrounds/choices?

We have a gallery of background images for you to choose from wood effect to seasonal messages.  Or we can print any image you provide to us.

Can I order a trolley with the boiler but without dispensers?

Yes the trolley comes as a flat counter or with boiler and dispensers, or boiler only.  It depends on your needs which option suits you best.  However the combination of boiler only and no dispensers is proving most popular as Trusts tend to use sachets for their ingredients.

Can you provide me with ingredients?

We have a number of partners who can provide ingredients.  You will eventually be able to order these via this website, but for now please contact us for further information.

Are there any financial alternatives to direct payment for the trolleys?

Please contact us if you would like details of alternative arrangements and we can put you in touch with our finance providers.

Do you provide an extended warranty?

Our trolleys already come with a 12 month warranty, and they were built to last – but if you would like further peace of mind, we do offer a 12 month extended warranty.  Click here for information.