Ideal for long meetings, the Beverage Trolley’s boiler means you have instant hot water on tap.

Whether it’s a boardroom meeting or a conference, the Beverage Trolley has the capacity to deal with both easily and professionally.

Its stainless steel frame means the Beverage Trolley is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre if you need to get round a large conference room, while its storage and dispensers provide plenty of space and choice of hot drinks.

It is also easy to clean down, with a black pin seal effect counter and lipped edges, so any splashes or spills stay on the trolley, making sure the Beverage Trolley maintains that professional look for your boardroom or meeting room.

You can also brand your Beverage Trolley with your own colours and logos, making it look part of the furniture.


The Beverage Trolley’s sleek, lightweight frame makes it easy to glide from room to room, making it the most efficient hot drinks trolley on the market.

The Beverage Trolley also has a neat waste disposal aperture which sits in the counter so that waste can be efficiently disposed of, while any drips can be easily wiped into the waste at this access point.

Separated compartments for used and unused crockery, with slim line trays, are all easily removed for cleaning.

This makes the Beverage Trolley ideal when your staff have several tables or rooms to get round – whether it’s a football stadium or multiple room conference centre.

And the Beverage Trolley’s panels can be printed to designs of your choice – meaning you can personalise your own trolley however you want!


The Beverage Trolley is also ideal for all places of education, whether it’s for the staff room, an important event or lengthy seminars

The Beverage Trolley’s easy and quick disposal system helps to maintain a clean and professional look, while its ample storage and instant hot water enables you to deal with larger events such as open days and parents’ evenings.

And you can brand your Beverage Trolley with your school or college’s own logo and colours.

The Beverage Trolley has also been designed for the NHS, meaning it meets strict NHS infection control standards and can go through autoclave.