Customer Support

If you would like further information about our products please get in touch.  Alternatively for customer service or to order additional printed panels please call us on 07980 818 867 or 01740 625250.

Your trolley is Created with Care and Built to Last so if there are any issues with your trolley please do get in touch and we will help organise replacement parts as required.

Or use the contact form to the right and we will get right back to you.


Your QHS beverage trolley is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from receipt of delivery either directly to you or to a designated storage facility.

Our trolleys are built to last and are virtually maintenance free.  Please see user instructions for advice on getting the best from your trolley.

We offer an extended warranty service which can be arranged on the 12 month anniversary of delivery or your beverage trolley.  The price for this is £10 per month (PLUS VAT) which will cover parts replacement per 12 month period.  We reserve the right to examine the goods prior to granting service charge cover, or to refuse to provide service charge if the goods are not in excellent condition.  If you would like us to organise this low cost service charge for you please contact us.

Parts Price List

Additional panels are likely to be the first replacement that you may choose to order for your beverage trolley.  From changes in sponsorship to new hospital builds, the panels are cost effective and can be changed in seconds.  You can order your panels here and you will be given a customer reference number so that you can amend or order repeat designs – we have a whole host of ready –made designs for you to choose from too!

QHS beverage trolleys are Created with Care and Built to Last, but we do accept as the trolleys get older there may be a requirement for some other replacement parts.


Prices to follow soon for our range of sachets for hot drinks to complement your trolley purchase.  If you want ingredients please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fill The Boiler

Simply fill the boiler with water to the mark on the inside of the boiler.

How Long Does It Take For The Water to Boil?

A full boiler will take approximately 25 minutes to reach the required temperature

Is The Trolley Heavy Once Fully Loaded?

The trolley is extremely light weight and much easier to push than a supermarket trolley full of an average week’s shopping!

I don’t want to put logos on the panels – are there any other backgrounds/choices?

We have a gallery of background images for you to choose from wood effect to seasonal messages.  Or we can print any image you provide to us.

Can I order a trolley with the boiler but without dispensers?

Yes the trolley comes as a flat counter or with boiler and dispensers, or boiler only.  It depends on your needs which option suits you best.  However the combination of boiler only and no dispensers is proving most popular as Trusts tend to use sachets for their ingredients.

Can you provide me with ingredients?

We have a number of partners who can provide ingredients.  You will eventually be able to order these via this website, but for now please contact us for further information.

Are there any financial alternatives to direct payment for the trolleys?

Please contact us if you would like details of alternative arrangements and we can put you in touch with our finance providers.

Do you provide an extended warranty?

Yes! A 12 month extended warranty is available. You’ll find information about this further up the page.