A number of exciting projects are in the pipeline for Quality Hospital Solutions (QHS) from devices which improve patient safety to new inventions which save money for NHS and other clients.

Beveragetrolley.com is the first QHS invention to have its very own website, due to demand from customers and a growing amount of enquiries for the award-winning beverage trolley.

QHS Managing Director Andrew Turner said “The beverage trolleys were created initially for our partner City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust – they have had 40 trolleys in use in the hospital environment since 2012.  The trolley is designed to meet the needs of the NHS both in terms of practicalities pushing the trolleys around the wards – and also in terms of price.  We have managed to create a product that does the job, meets NHS infection control requirements and also saves money for the NHS.”

“The trolleys have bespoke printed panels which can be used to promote a sponsor message or a seasonal theme and can be changed very easily. The new website showcases the types of designs that can be used – we want to make it easy for our clients to view the possibilities and be creative – we can print just about any image onto the panels.”

The new website goes live in January 2015: www.beveragetrolley.com