Solving problems comes naturally to inventor Andrew Turner.

From his offices within Business Durham’s technology complex NETPark in Sedgefield, he initially came up with the concept of the new QHS Beverage Trolley in 2011.

The complex procedure of patenting the new design was then followed by the pain-staking process of getting the trolley from Proof of Concept to prototype.

“We’re continually working on a number of projects with the NHS,” says Andy (pictured) who launched Quality Hospital Solutions in 2010.

“It’s our job to come up with ideas for the NHS, to improve efficiency and safety, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve everything.

“Sometimes it can be the most simple thing. We noticed the staff were serving tea and coffee from pots – so the first patient on the ward would have a very hot cup of tea, and the very last one would have to make do with a cold cuppa.

“I’m constantly looking at problems, and when you look at problems you try to think of a solution.

“There are problems bouncing at you every day. With every problem there may be an opportunity.

“So I came up with our own Beverage Trolley which would be unique in design and would also include a boiler, meaning a constant stream of hot water – this not only ensures a consistent temperature of the water for drinks, but also eradicates any potential problems in the pouring of hot water from pots.

“It was also imperative that we came up with a bespoke design which would also be cost-effective and we’ve succeeded in mass producing the Beverage Trolley at a fraction of the cost of similar trolleys in the market place.”

Once Andrew and his team completed the design of their Beverage Trolley, 40 were produced and installed into the City Hospitals Sunderland in 2013.

“They have now been in service for nearly two years,” added Andrew.

“They’re already helping City Hospitals Sunderland to improve efficiency, reduce purchase costs and also make sure drinks can be served hot constantly, thus avoiding patient complaints!”