Mass producing the QHS Beverage Trolley in Great Britain was critical for Quality Hospital Solutions in order to make the product as cost-effective as possible.

So company boss Andrew Turner was delighted to strike a deal with leading North-East manufacturing company Ebac.

The County Durham firm produces dehumidifiers and chest freezers from two sites on Aycliffe Business Park in Newton Aycliffe, and will also soon be the only manufacturer of washing machines in the UK when Ebac launches its new range in 2015.

Andrew became friends with Ebac founder and business entrepreneur John Elliott after solving some problems for him a number of years ago.

“I was absolutely delighted to agree a manufacturing deal with Ebac,” said Andrew.

“The company is quickly becoming known as manufacturing pioneers – they’re bringing washing machine manufacturing back to the UK and have ambitions of becoming a household-name producer of white goods.

“It was absolutely essential that we produced the Beverage Trolley here in the UK and the fact we’re manufacturing them in the North-East is even better.

“The supply chain is all in place and we’ve already produced a large quantity of trolley chassis so production is well on the way.”