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165 million cups of tea and 70 million cups of coffee are drunk daily in the UK

making the perfect cuppa every time

How to Make the Perfect Cuppa

Use good quality products

Use freshly drawn 100°c boiling water to energise the flavour of your beverage

Use 1 tea bag or a click of coffee for each cup to be served

Allow the tea to brew 60 seconds before serving, or longer if you like it strong

Add milk in last if desired

The Beverage Trolley you can trust

Our Beverage Trolley is designed to be virtually maintenance free and guaranteed for 12 months for normal wear and tear.
  • Hot Drinks

    Hot Drinks
    Everyone has different tastes when it comes to the perfect cuppa and there is nothing better than drinking a hot beverage served just how you like it. The Beverage Trolley allows you to offer and prepare a range of hot drinks made to individual requirements.
  • Built-in Boiler

    Built-in Boiler
    The Beverage Trolley has a 10-litre built in boiler which is triple lined to maintain its just boiled temperature for at least 30 minutes, so you can be assured that the last drink you serve will be the same temperature as the first.
  • Large Workspace & Storage

    Large Workspace & Storage
    The Beverage Trolley has been designed to maximise space. The easy-to-use refillable dispensers allow for different beverages to be offered with the 5-draw compartment providing plenty of room for cups and cutlery. The integral waste disposal unit means that the large work surface will always be clutter free.
  • Robust & Lightweight

    Robust & Lightweight
    The Beverage Trolley is robust, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. With 360-degree rotating wheels the Beverage Trolley can glide in and out of the tightest of spaces.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain

    Easy to Clean & Maintain
    The Beverage Trolley is constructed of hygienic materials and parts that meet NHS infection control standards. All parts are easy to remove and clean, making every day maintenance hassle free. The Beverage Trolley is virtually maintenance free, saving ongoing repair and service charges. The boiler can be replaced by any member of staff in seconds. The trolleys are being manufactured by EBAC – a world class manufacturer, at its factory in County Durham.
  • Bespoke Printed Panels

    Bespoke Printed Panels
    Customise your trolley with bespoke interchangeable printed panels giving you flexibility to corporately brand your Beverage Trolley, use to share internal messaging or generate revenue through sponsorship opportunities.
  • Improved Efficiencies

    Improved Efficiencies
    For companies such as call centres where refreshments need to be regularly provided for a large number of staff, QHS can develop bespoke trolleys which improve catering efficiencies. QHS will work with you to understand your requirements, assess your needs and develop the most efficient trolley for you.
  • Wren Kitches
  • Bet365
  • City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Berkshire  NHS  Foundation Trust
  • The Beeches Care Home
  • The Beverage Trolley in Action

    Wren Kitchens

    Inefficiencies and safety implications of delivering hot drinks to staff working in the open plan office area of Wren Kitchen’s brand-new state of the art manufacturing facility in Hull lead the company to contact Quality Hospital Solutions. Having seen the double boiler Beverage Trolley design and realising their opportunity to incorporate their branding on the side panels, the company purchased 5 bespoke trolleys.

    “I found QHS to be very helpful and supportive of us at Wren to get our hospitality going. The trolleys are very well built and very easy to push around. The After Sales service is great, so we will be buying more this year.”

    Sandra Johnson
    Area Catering Manager
    Wren Kitchens

  • The Beverage Trolley in Action


    When BET365 opened its new headquarters in Stoke, the company wanted to overcome the inefficiencies in supplying 1000 staff with a quality hot beverage. Static machines were logistically inefficient, as they wanted to serve beverages to their staff at their desk but needed to ensure consistency in temperature and choice. There was no existing beverage trolley available globally with sufficient water capacity and as only single operator trolleys they were too slow for the company’s needs.

    Quality Hospital Solutions work with the project team to look cycle time calculations, cooling rates and process studies implementation studies which lead to the design of a bespoke double boiler, double operator trolley.

    Bet365 bought 11 customised Beverage Trolleys allowing catering staff to work from each side of the trolley, speeding up the time it took them to deliver a hot cuppa to their call centre staff.

  • The Beverage Trolley in Action

    City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

    Recognising the importance of good hydration and how providing patients with hot beverages served at their bedside just to their needs, Quality Hospital Solutions was tasked by City Hospitals Sunderland to come up with an innovative idea of how this could be achieved.

    The Beverage Trolley was designed, tested, refined and tested again and again by NHS staff until it perfectly fitted their needs. Today the hospital has 36 Beverage Trolleys in operation, delivering the perfect cuppa to their patients’ bedside.

  • The Beverage Trolley in Action

    Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

    We have introduced the Beverage trolley into our units and it has totally transformed the tea round task. It is so easy to use and look very professional. Company great to work with, listen and design bespoke for your area. Totally recommend.

    Brenda Morton
    Urgent Care Group - A&E/AMU/short Stay /Radiology
    Emergency Department

  • The Beverage Trolley in Action

    The Beeches Care Home

    The Beverage Trolley is a great asset to our carefacility enjoyed by staff and residents alike. Residents now receive one-on-one care and attention whenever they need a hot drink. They also seem to enjoy the drinks a lot more. The staff find drink preparation easier. One member can use the Beverage Trolley to deliver hot drinks to all residents, and they don’t have to stop and re-boil the kettle or carry multiple drinks at once. Feedback is 100% positive.

    Ed Munslow, Managing Director

Techical Specification

The Beverage Trolley – a simple, practical solution to making the perfect cuppa every time.
  • Size:
    w 1800mm x h 1200mm
  • Frame:
    Stainless Steel
  • Boiler:
    10-litre, triple lined
  • Heat Up Time:
    25 minutes
  • Thermostat:
    5 settings maximum 100°C
  • Dispensers:
    Single unit housing, 4 dispensers and boiler. Unit lid is easy to remove to allow for replenishing of ingredients
  • Safety Tap:
  • Carry Handles:
  • Brake:
  • Cleaning:
    All parts can be autoclaved

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